AGM 2019

The AGM of Garnethill Multicultural Centre will be

on Monday 28th October at 7.30pm

This year the AGM is of particular importance for the Garnethill community and I hope you will be able to attend.

At last year’s AGM the membership were overwhelmingly supportive of the Board proposal to pursue community ownership funding to purchase the building from our current landlord the Archdiocese of Glasgow and consequently redefining the boundary for membership. In the last 12 months, the Board of Trustees have been working particularly hard to achieve the ambition of our members.  Along with consultants, we have held various community consultation events and the community of Garnethill and existing Users of the building have shown themselves to overwhelmingly support community ownership.

We had applied to the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) and we were successful in receiving Stage 1 development funding of £15,000. Our SLF Stage 2 application has also been submitted and we are currently waiting to hear if we will be successful in being awarded £266,000 towards the community ownership purchase of the building, which is  95% of the agreed purchase price of £280,000. Within the SLF stage 2 application we also applied for additional funding  for ‘immediate building works’ to help address the current dampness issue in the basement, urgent structural engineering investigations into the ‘pinning’ of the 22 supporting gable bolts & for a new 2 year funded Development Officer to help oversee the refurbishment project & community development opportunities.

This funding is only available to clearly defined geographical communities.  The Multicultural Centre was established 31 years ago by Garnethill Residents, when the organisation changed to a SCIO in 2011 the wording on the existing constitution was amended; this unfortunately has led to the GMC not having a clearly defined boundary and restricts our ability to obtain large grants. As discussed at the last AGM, it is important that we revert back to the original clearly defined Garnethill boundary.

Full membership will once again revert back to Garnethill residents, though in acknowledgement to the fantastic contributions from our neighbours out with the boundary of Garnethill we would wish to maintain their membership under ‘associate’ status. We propose that all non-Garnethill residents have the opportunity to take up associate membership which will allow up to three non-Garnethill residents to sit on the Board, with voting rights, to represent User groups. Please find attached a new electronic ‘associate membership’ form; if these changes apply to you, please complete the associate membership form and email or hand into the office.  Existing Garnethill resident’s membership will continue. We have also attached a map of the previously used Garnethill boundary (used since incorporation in 1989 to 2011), which will once again be adopted.

Please also see attached proposed constitutional amendments. The amendments have been modified in line with comments received from Trustees and with input from our consultants and the Scottish Land Fund (SLF). Please note that we will not get SLF community ownership funding to buy the building if our constitution is not updated to reflect the lottery’s guidelines on community ownership. We have been told this by the SLF.  If our constitution is updated accordingly, we will hear if we have been successful in obtaining SLF funding (the £266,000 to buy the building) by 15th Nov 2019. Which could see the GMC being purchased and owned outright by the community by March 2020 (conveyancing and legal work can take a couple of months).

This is an exciting time for the Garnethill community, if we are able to purchase the building, we are hopeful that we can go on to attract further funding  for desperately needed renovation work to the Multicultural Centre – which has been costed at £500,000+.

The staff and volunteer trustees have a lot of work ahead of them and we hope that you will support our community ownership & refurbishment plans by coming along to the  AGM on Monday 28th October @ 7:30pm. We urge you to support the constitutional amendments in order that we can secure a brighter future for the Centre and the hundreds of people who benefit from its activities.

Please contact (info@garnethillmc.co.uk) me if you require any further clarification, we will be happy to answer all queries. We thank everyone for their continued support of Garnethill Multicultural Centre.